Don't do it! Don't waste time in another pointless meeting.

Does the thought of yet another meeting make you queasy? Do you find yourself sitting in endless meetings just watching the clock and waiting for them to be over? You are not alone. Statistics show that millions of dollars, not to mention millions of hours, are wasted in meetings.

If you’re a team leader, department chair, administrator, or anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of every meeting you attend, this book is for you!

The Teacher Leader Survival Guide

Real tips to improve your meetings and promote collaboration

Dr. Tom Fry: Tom is affectionately known throughout professional communities as “the data guy”. Dealing with people’s behaviors and attitudes usually requires digging below the surface to understand the dynamics of the organization. Tom is able to look for clues that identify what is preventing change from happening, so they can determine the steps most likely to remove obstacles and bring about success. He has experience designing systems, tools, and processes to enable people to succeed. Tom provides research to bring to light needed improvement in the operations of an organization; manage conflict by helping different parties see the situation from the other’s point of view, and by finding common goals.

Dr. Jenny Hooie: Jen has mentored hundreds of professionals in the art of collaboration and effective group work. In addition to teaching courses, she has practiced these skills during her 17 years of educational administrative experience including roles as Assistant Superintendent and Chief Instructional Officer. Jen’s specialty is designing processes and facilitating groups as they work through major organizational change. Jen combines her knowledge of collaboration with her experience and training in the area of technology to create one of a kind training and facilitation experiences.



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